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Mission Statement
“Our aim is to serve our nation by manufacturing and distributing quality aluminium profiles for structural and other purposes in a more reliable, competitive and environment friendly manner leading to satisfaction of our customers, shareholders and employees.”
Chairman's Message

Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Limited (BTA) began its voyage in 1979. From a humble beginning with fabrication of aluminium products BTA, through its untiring endeavors grew into a sizeable organization employing over 400 skilled and dedicated personnel. It has aluminium billet ca\sting plant, aluminium extrusion presses, anodization system, aluminium powder casting plant, extrusion die making plant, automatic wrapping and printing system, in house power generation and advanced alumijium fabricating facilities.

Because of the high quality products and service, BTA could earn the confidence of the valued customers thereby creating a very strong brand image for BTA in the aluminium market of Bangladesh. We are proud that BTA’s effort could change the sky line of Dhaka and keep Bangladesh greener.

We thank our valued customers for their patronization.



Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Ltd


Vice Chairperson's Message

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) for BD Thai Aluminium Ltd includes such issues like sound corporate governance, commitment to stakeholders’ balanced interests, creating more employment opportunity for people, preservation of forest to maintain ecological balance, and contributing to society in different ways. Current burning issues such as environment related substances in products, climate change, labor safety & health and human rights are our main concerns.


We have announced the parameters of the quality of our products and have been promoting the concept to our supply chain. We have dedicated people to ensure the protection of interest of all of our stakeholders in a balanced way. We believe in proper information disclosure needed to all concerned.

Our Group for over three decades is always trying to use our core competencies and operate in a more socially responsible manner in the society.

 We thank our valued customers for their continued patronization.

(Rubina Hamid)
Vice Chairperson
Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Ltd


Founder Chairman

Our Tributes to our founder
 chairman Late Col.(Retd)
       A Maleque P.S.C


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